Streetrambling series, ongoing [performance]

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Us and Them, 2016 [performance]

Running Around, 2015 [video]

I’ve never felt comfortable on a dance floor, 2015, Antwerp (BE) [performance]

As long as I see birds flying I know I am alive, 2015 [video]

Pointing and Shouting, 2011, Antwerp (BE) [performance]

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You have no idea how happy I am, 2011 [performance]

The Return of the Witness, 2010 [video]

Coloured, 2010, Antwerp (BE) [performance]

Destroyed villages, 2009, Brussels (BE) [performance]

Gizeh-Blankenberghe, 2006 [video]

Entre nous quelque chose se, 2006 [video]

Inch'Allah, 2005 [video]

Cantaert Hunter, 2003 [video]

Document for the right to the everyday, 1999 [performance]

“It” carrying the inferno, 1995, Amsterdam (NL) [performance]

Confronting a colonial past, 1993, Antwerp (BE) [performance]

The Collector of Stones, 1992, Furka (CH) [performance]

The day “it” took an initiative. A story of an unsuccessful experience, 1992, Vienna (AU) [performance]

The Car, 1992, Antwerp (BE) [performance]

Have you accepted that whatever seems to be is not, and that which seems not to be is?, 1991, London (UK) [performance]

Madame at Mini-Europa, 1992, Brussels (BE) [performance]

Madame searching for the right direction, without seeing the beauty of the city, 1991, Spoleto (IT) [performance]

Madame visiting the National Garden Festival hoping to see the Princess, 1990, Newcastle (UK) [performance]

Madame going on pilgrimage to Lourdes, 1989, Lourdes (FR) [performance]

Madame at carnival in Cologne, 1989, Cologne (DE) [performance]

Souvenirs of the men I’ve loved, 1984, Brussels (BE) [performance]

Waiting for my man who lost the war, 1982, Antwerp (BE) [performance]

Telling a secret to a stone, 1981, Performance Festival Strasbourg (FR) [performance]

Pain Pain, 1981, Performance Festival Besançon (FR) [performance]


Ria Pacquée (b. 1954) had her international breakthrough in the 1980s with her performance series featuring characters she created – ‘Madame’ and ‘It’. Infiltrating reality by means of these two personae, she carried out an artistic investigation of the thin dividing line between the fictional and the actual. In more recent work she has tended to concentrate on photographic and video productions, in which the experiences gained as a performance artist still play an important role.

As a spectator (photographs and videos) of public life and as a participant (performances), Pacquée tries to find answers to the most elementary questions of existence. In this respect the street is her arena of study. She sees the street as a living setting, in which she moves discreetly (‘street rambling’), recording events from a particular viewpoint with a camera. Her interest in rituals and the metaphysics of religious experience, anonymity, city wandering and collecting of concomitant sounds and images – recreation and appropriation of reality by extracting details from their everyday context are also important themes in her work. Much is left to chance.


Ria Pacquée
Rotterdamstraat 46
2060 Antwerpen/Belgium
0032 (0) 486 266 375


b. Merksem, 30.08.1954
Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

Residencies & Prizes

  • 2012, Artist in Residence, Cité Internatiionale des Arts, Paris (FR)
  • 2009, Prix de sculpture de la Fondation Marie-Louise Jacques
  • 2006, Artist in Residence, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (FR)
  • 2001, Artist in Residence, Middlesex University London (UK)
  • 1996, Artist in Residence, Academia Belgica, Rome (IT)
  • 1995, Prijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap voor Beeldende Kunst

Selected Solo Exhibitions


  • “Gangway”, kunstINgang #8, Cultureel Centrum Merksem (BE)


  • “A touch of green in the middle of concrete”, Loods 12, Wetteren (BE)


  • “I don’t know what the fuck is going on”, performance in kaiiHet Pavljoen Ghent (BE)
  • “Where to meet Ria Pacquée”, Stilll Gallerij, Antwerp (BE)


  • “Streetrambling – Ritual Moments”, Treignac Project curated by Chris Clarke, Treignac (FR)


  • “Westerly Winds”, Argos Centre for Art & Media, Brussels (BE)


  • “Color Walks”, Space LLS387, Antwerp (BE)


  • “Entre deux soleils”, White & Dark Box, La Cambre, Brussels (BE)


  • “Zonzolola”, Kunsthalle Lophem, Loppem (BE)


  • “Une Minute de Silence”, Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts, Dunkerque (FR)


  • “Desert of fragments”, Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp (BE) (cat.)
  • “Touch Me”, Barbierama Museum, St Niklaas (BE)


  • “Sea of dead letters”, Badcomplex, Brussels (BE)


  • “A Small Box of Air Trapped and Drawn”, (Andrew Webb-Ria Pacquée), Campo Santo, Ghent (BE) (cat.)


  • “Artedomani”, Spoleto (IT)
  • “A thing of infinite solitude”, Museum Moderne Kunst, Arnhem (NL)
  • “Burial Ground”, (Jon Thompson-Ria Pacquée) Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (BE) (cat.)


  • “A thing of infinite solitude”, Provinciaal Museum Hasselt (BE) (cat.)


  • “The story of It”, Cultureel Centrum De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)


  • “Streetrambling”, Gallery Ronny Van de Velde, Antwerp (BE)
  • “The day “It” took an initiative”, Kunsthalle, Vienna (AU)


  • Vereniging voor het Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Ghent (BE) (cat.)


  • Gallery De Rive Gauche, Amsterdam (NL)
  • Gallery Lydia Megert, Bern (CH)


  • GA Gallery, Waasmunster (BE)
  • Kunstcentrum, Hoorn (NL)
  • Gallery Tanja Rumpff, Haarlem (NL)
  • Gallery Kolon, Cologne (DE)
  • Gallery Montevideo, Antwerp (BE)
  • Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (NL)


  • Sphinx, Boechout (BE)
  • Forum, Hamburg (DE)


  • Ruimte Stalker, Brussels (BE)


  • Club Moral, Antwerp (BE) (cat.)


  • Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp (BE)
  • Kunstlerhaus, Hamburg (DE)

Selected group exhibitions


  • “Running around” screening, Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart (DE)
  • “Will the last one leaving, please turn out the lights” performance, Plus One Gallery, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Step Up! Belgian Dance and Performance on camera 1970-2000”, Argos, Brussels (BE)
  • “Entre nous, quelque chose se passe”, KUL – De Valk, University Leuven (BE)
  • “Copy Construct”, curated by Kasper Andreasen, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Mechelen (BE)
  • “Bang Festival” performance, curated by Joris Van De Moortel, Begijnhofkerk, Brussels (BE)
  • “The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely”, curated by Jan Fabre, Oostende (BE)


  • “Belgium Performance festival”, performance “Us and Them”, Italiëlei, Antwerp (BE)
  • “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, CCZwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg (BE)
  • “Jumanji”, Soft focus Institut, Galery Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE)
  • “Mind fabric”, Institut de Carton vzw, Brussels (BE)
  • “Complete Collapse”, expo with Henri Jacobs, Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague (NL)
  • “What we have overlooked” curated by Mirjam Westen, Framer Framed, Amsterdam (NL)
  • “Without Pause, Dialogues”, Loop Festival, Barcelona (ES)
  • “Antwerp Art Weekend”, curated by Vincent Stroep, De Studio, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Artenova”, curated by Nadia Bijl, D’art Kunstroute 2016 Mechelen (BE)
  • “I went to the Woods : The artist as wanderer”, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork (IE)
  • “Van Broodthaers tot Braeckman, fotografie in beeldende kunst”, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Etcetera IV”, screening video, S.M.A.K. Ghent (BE)
  • “33 Kasseler Dokfest”, screening video “Running Around”, Kassel, Germany (DE)
  • “Urgent Conversations, Athens-Antwerp”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece (GR)


  • “A Belgian Politician”, Gallery Marion de Cannière, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Meer dan één”, art editions, Voorkamer, Lier (BE)
  • “Inch’Allah”, Filmscreening Temporary Gallery, Cologne (DE)
  • “Some loopholes ain’t so loopy”, organised by Mr.Make-Do, Broeltoren, Kortrijk (BE)
  • “Animismes/Anonymes”, Cinema Galerie de la Reine, Brussels (BE)
  • “Bitte nicht wecken”, performance “I’ve never felt comfortable on a dance floor”, Space LLS387, Antwerp (BE)
  • “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, De Directeurswoning, Roeselare (BE)
  • “Unterseeboot über Malermeister”, invitation by Guy Van Bossche, Cultureel Centrum Mechelen (BE)


  • “De cassette van Antwerpen”, music performance Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels (BE)
  • “The Station”, Temporary city, Traffic Art Event, Central Station Antwerp (BE)
  • “Picnic at Hanssenspark”, performance in expo Danny Devos, De Bond, Bruges (BE)
  • “Boom en Mens”, Museum De Mindere, Sint Truiden (BE)
  • “A specter from the land of if #2”, Stilll Gallery, Borgerhout (BE)
  • “Bruegelland vroeg 21ste eeuw”, Stedelijk Museum Lier (BE)
  • “Real Fake Gold is all around you”, Dialoog #3 Ria Pacquée & Filip Gilissen, Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Ria Pacquée en Emmiline de Mooij”, Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels (BE)
  • “Augmented Reality”, Golf de Rougemont, Namen (BE)
  • “Air Traces : Austruweel”, Sasmeesterwoning, Air Antwerp (BE)
  • “Museum to Scale”, Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL)
  • “Un Voyage Autour De Ma Chambre” by Cakehouse, Het Bos, Antwerp (BE)


  • “Kijken-Herkijken”, curated by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Herman Teirlinckhuis Beersel (BE)
  • “Cantaert Hunter”, screening Filmfestival Rotterdam 2013 (NL)
  • “Glory Hole”, LLS 387, Ruimte voor Actuele Kunst, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Zwerm”, organised by Cadans, Secondroom, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Métamorphoses”, 9e biennale Artour curated Thierry Vandenbussche, La Louviere (BE)
  • “Ochair/OFlesh”, Treignac Project curated by Matt Packer, Treignac (FR)
  • “Op de vloer”, Fabriekspand Ekeren, cultuurcentrum Ekeren (BE)
  • “Museum to Scale 1/7”, project Ronny Van De Velde, Koninklijke Musea Schone Kunsten, Brussels (BE)
  • “Autodidact”, Extra City Antwerpen, ism NICC (BE)


  • “Vacanza Permanente”, Nicc, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Frecher”, Loods 12, Wetteren (BE)
  • “Bookshowbookshop”, project Vaast Colson en Johan Pas, Be-Part, Ronse (BE)
  • “Archive as Performance, Performance as Archive”, workshop with Harry Gamboa, UCSIA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Kurt Ryslavy ‘Flemish Art Assets”, Emily Harvey Foundation, New York (US)


  • “Ich”, performance, Hommage aan Bernd Lohaus, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Art’s Birthday”, performance, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Ten Oosten van 4°24”, curated by Jef Lambrecht, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Meesterwerken in het Mas. Vijf eeuwen beeld in Antwerpen”, curated Bart de Baere, Mas Antwerpen (BE)
  • “Je suis seul, avec vous”, curated by Denis Gielen, Mac, Grand Hornu (BE)
  • “Time to meet , The Second Act”” curated by Chris Clarke, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
  • “Pointing and Shouting”, De Sokkel 2, Stadspark, Middelheimproductie, Antwerp (BE)


  • “The Return of the Witness”, Camden Arts Centre, London (UK)
  • “Camuflajes”, Espacio pare el Arte Caja Madrid Zaragoza Espai Cultural Caja Madrid Barcelona (ES)
  • “Flachlandfest”, Arena, Berlin (DE)
  • “Kunstfilmtag”, Kunstlerverein Malsaten, Düsseldorf (DE)


  • “Dive into Mankind”, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, Forum Expanded, Berlijn (DE)
  • “Trouble” performance, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels (BE)
  • “A Story of the Image”, Visual Art as Visual Culture, Shanghai Art Museum (CN)
  • “Kunstdoel Inside”, Village of Doel, (BE)
  • “Rebelle – Kunst en feminisme”, Museum Moderne Kunst Arnhem, Nederland (NL)
  • “De Doorgeefshow”, curated by Koen Theys , NICC, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Jeugdzonde”, Over opus één en opus min één”, curated by Ulrike Lindmayr,
  • Space LLS 387, Antwerp and Hedah, Centre for Contemporary Art, Maastricht (NL)
  • “Cabinet d’Artistes”, curated by Stijn Maes, Galerie SansTitre, Brussels (BE)
  • “Bruismelk Festival”, performance, Scheldapen, Antwerp (BE)
  • “The Jerusalem Syndrome”, Old City, Jerusalem, Al-Ma’mal Foundation, Jerusalem (IL)
  • “Temps D’Images”, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels (BE)
  • “Ten out of Ten”, curated Sabine Dorscheid, Cultura Antiguo Instituto of Gijon (ES)
  • “Into the Light 09”, Error One, curated by Ria Van Landeghem, KMSKA, Antwerp (BE)


  • “Mimitisme”, Extra City, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Die Lucky Bush”, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Momentum-Festival”, Les Baines, Brussels (BE)
  • “24 hours bits and pieces, dreams and confessions”, performance Christoph Fink/Ria Pacquée, Les Soirées du Laboureur, Brussels (BE)
  • “Van Provo tot Nu”, cc De Werf, Aalst (BE)
  • “Manifesta 7”, Palazzo delle Poste, Trento, Italy (IT)


  • “Een keuze uit collectie”, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Kunst en recht”, Lokaal 01, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Black Box” screening, Argos, Brussels (BE)
  • “ErrorOne”, Alcatel building, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Vanaf Nu”, space LLS 387, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Frontforyou”, Z33, Hassel (BE)


  • “Ethiopië”, Factor 44, Borgerhout (BE)
  • “Filiaal van de hemel”, Stedelijk Museum, Lokeren (BE)
  • “Oudoors”, Gallery Dannielle Laumaud, Londen (E)
  • “Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen” (DE)
  • “Impakt Festival”, Utrecht (NL)


  • “Locus Loppem”, Heidelberg, Loppem (BE)
  • “Between skin & orgasm”, Belfort, Bruges (BE) (cat.)
  • “Belgische fotografen 1840 – 2005”, Fotomuseum Antwerpen (BE) (cat.)
  • “Monopolis”, Witte de With, Rotterdam (NL) (cat.)
  • “Boulevard Amandla”, Bibliotheek Antwerpen (BE)
  • “Videofestival 2005”, Argos, Brussels (BE) (cat.)
  • “30 jaar gallerij”, Gallerij de Gryse, Tielt (BE)
  • “Cine y casi cine 2005”, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid (ES)


  • “Amicalement vôtre”, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Tourcoing, France (FR) (cat.)
  • “Pauvres Nous”, Factor 44, Borgerhout (BE)
  • “Rush”, Kapel Abdij Maagdendale, Oudenaarde (BE) (cat.)
  • “Solo Quint II”, AZ Sint-Blasius, Dendermonde (BE)
  • “Videofestival”, Argos, Brussels (BE) (cat.)
  • “Dear ICC”, Museum Hendendaagse Kunst, Antwerp (BE)


  • “Desert and city dweler”, Factor 44, Borgerhout (BE)
  • “Five”, Galerie Kusseneers, Lier (BE)
  • “The Ambiguity of the Image, Belgian Art Now”, Art Athina, Athens, Greece (GR) (cat.)
  • “Autobiografie in der Kunst”, Galerie fur Zeitgenossische Kunst, Leipzig (DE)
  • “De Brakke Hond”, Nottebohmzaal, Antwerp (BE)


  • “Le petit cabinet d’un Amateur de Ruines”, Orion Art Gallery, Oostende (BE) (cat.)
  • “Attachment”, Bruges 2002, Bruges (BE) (cat.)
  • “Human-ism(e) I”, Art Agents Gallery, Hamburg (DE)
  • “Dans la peau d’une femme”, Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris (FR)
  • “Human-ism(e) II”, Orion Art Gallery, Oostende (BE) (cat.)
  • “Laboratoire Paracycliste”, La maison de peuple, Brussels (BE)
  • “Wankel evenwicht”, project Oikoten, Kadoc kapel, Leuven (BE) (cat.)


  • “Still/Life”, Rockoxhuis, Antwerp (BE) (cat.)
  • “Double Life”, Generali Foundation, Vienna (AU) (cat.)
  • “Beeld van een Beeld”, De Markten, Brussels (BE)
  • “Three Way Switch”, Art Agent Gallery, Hamburg (DE)
  • “Ici et Maintenant”, Entrepôt Royal Thurn & Taxis, Brussels (BE)


  • “Mouvements”, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp (BE)
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  • “Public Domain”, Fototriennale Graz (AU) (cat.)
  • “De Schreeuw”, Gallery ‘t Leerhuys, Bruges (BE)
  • “Tremendum fascinosum”, Cultureel Centrum Berchem (BE) (cat.)
  • “De Slang”, Bruges 2003, Groeningemuseum, Bruges (BE)


  • “Incubatieproject”, Bruges (BE)
  • Gallery Fortlaan 17, Ghent (BE) (cat.)
  • “Masque”, John Hansard Gallery, University Southampton (UK) (cat.)
  • Gallery Montevideo, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Chien Vierkant”, Factor 44, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Bildgewordene Wirklichkeiten”, Internat.Kunstzentrum Ostbelgien, Eupen (BE)
  • “Make-Up”, Maastricht (NL)


  • “Above/Below the Surface”, Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki (FI) (cat.)
  • “Heteronymous”, San Michelle A Ripa, Roma (IT) (cat.)


  • “Ad Usum Fabricae”, Museo D’arte Contemporanea, L’Aquilla (IT)
  • “Everybody’s talking”, Gemeentemuseum Helmond (NL)
  • “Woordenloos”, Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp (BE) (cat.)
  • “Zijsporen”, Gynaika, Antwerp (BE) (cat.)


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  • “Animale Domestica”, Antwerp (BE)
  • “Fotografische Obsessionen”, Schlob Wolkersdorf (AU)
  • Gallery 400, Chicago (US)
  • Gallery De Gryse, Tielt (BE)


  • “Oh boy, it’s a girl”, Kunstverein Munchen (DE) (cat.)
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  • “The Image of Reality”, Plovdiv (BG) (cat.)
  • “Morgen gemaakt”, Arti et Amictiae, Amsterdam (NL) (cat.)


  • “Rum Mellan Rum”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (sample) (SE) (cat.)
  • Gallery Dooley de Cappelaine, New York (US)
  • “Furkart”, Hotel Furkablick, Switzerland (CH)


  • M HKA, Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp (BE)
  • Artedomani, Spoleto (IT) (cat.)
  • “From the replication of dream to reality”, Gallery Grita Insam, Vienna (AU) (cat.)
  • Gallery Carine Campo, Antwerp (BE) (cat.)
  • “Individu : Duiding”, I.C.C., Antwerp (BE) (cat.)


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  • Passage, Waregem (BE) (cat.)
  • Gallery Kaes Weiss, Stuttgart (DE)


  • Casa Frolo, Venice (IT)

Selected performances

Throughout the 1980’s + 1990’s there were many performances of the “Madam” and the “It” figure resulting in physical works for exhibition.


  • “Labaratoire Paracyclist”, Oostende (BE)
  • “The right to the Everyday”, Brussels, Gent, Antwerp (BE)


  • “La Santa Scala”, Rome (IT)


  • “Initiative D’amis”, Ruimte Vooruit, Gent (BE) (cat.)
  • Location, Brussels (BE)
  • Quai de la Gare, Paris (FR)


  • Performance Festival Perfo 2, Lantaren-Venster, Rotterdam (NL) (cat.)


  • Performance Festival, Paris (FR)
  • Gallery Montevideo, Antwerp (BE)


  • Performance Kees Mol/Ria Pacquée, Cultureel Centrum Tilburg (NL) and Ruimte Pictura, Dordrecht (NL)
  • Performance Festival, Besancon (FR)
  • Performance Festival Museum Modern Art, Strassbourg (FR)
  • Kaaitheater, Brussel (BE) (cat.)
  • Performance Usine Pali Kao, Paris (FR)


  • Cirque Divers, Liége (BE)
  • I.C.C., Antwerp (BE) (cat.)
  • Space 626 and A’s , New York (US)
  • University VUB, Brussels (BE)
  • Gallery Diagonale, Paris (FR) (cat.)


  • Cultureel Centrum De Warande, Turnhout (BE)
  • Week-end performance, Ruimte Z, Antwerp (BE)


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